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Build data-driven tools as easily as making slides

Connect Eisengard to wherever your data is stored — we can link to Google Sheets, MySQL tables, CSV files in Dropbox or Google Drive, and more. If you don’t have an existing data set, no sweat. We can help you gather data through surveys or manual inputs into a familiar spreadsheet format.

Once your data is hooked up, you can build reports, dashboards, and tools that are as simple or as sophisticated as you like, all by clicking, dragging, and dropping pre-built elements and modules.

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Harness the power of AI

to drive insights


A full slate of data analytics is at your fingertips. Run calculations, model scenarios, parse text, predict outcomes, and visualize data in countless ways. Draw conclusions from your data for yourself, or craft a storyline that you want to share with others in interactive presentations that update live as your data evolves.

Love what you’ve built?

Turn it into a business

We believe in the creator economy. If you’ve built a tool that you think other people would love to use, too, you can turn it into an app with the click of a button and put a paywall on top of it. We’ve even taken care of the Stripe integration for you.

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