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We are a service enabled technology platform to accelerate your AI transformation

Solving your ai challenges

At Eisengard AI, we specialize in transforming your AI ambitions into reality.We excel in three key domains:

Data excellence

Unoptimized siloed information, black-box mentality, and data reliability issues can hinder progress.

Our Solutions:

  • Quality Data: We focus on ensuring your data is of the highest quality and interoperable.

  • Expert Guidance: Our dedicated team of data and AI experts translates your needs into customized solutions.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: Seamlessly access your data through our user-friendly desktop and mobile app.

scaling talent

Lack of training, specialized skills, and model confidence can be barriers to success.

Our Solutions:

  • Best Practices: We employ the latest modeling best practices to enhance reliability.

  • Dual AI Engines: Access our data integration and daily LLM engines for versatile AI solutions.

  • Team Complementation: Dedicated support for your team that allows you to scale and achieve more with your in-house talent.

secure integration

Expensive legacy systems, challenging maintenance, data ownership concerns, and security/privacy issues can be daunting.

Our Solutions:

  • Scalable flexibility: Integrated customized modules that grows with your needs making AI adoption cost-effective.

  • Streamlined Cloud-Based Solutions: Embrace the benefits of cloud technology with hassle-free integration.

  • Your Own Private AI: You retain ownership and define security and privacy protocols and count on our private AI engines to safeguard your data.

AI transformation checklist

Are you happy with the quality of your data?

 Do you know how and where to source the information you need?

Are you getting the most value out of your data?

Can the data be easily accessed and updated in real time?

Are you confident in the recommendations that your team is making?

Do you have the capacity to scale quickly and effectively? 

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