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You can make these dashboards in a few minutes without any experience ...


What we believe

Data is power, but only if you can transform it into insights. Until now, only those with advanced training or deep pockets have been able to make sense of data at scale. 


At Eisengard, we set out to change this paradigm forever. Forget fancy degrees or million-dollar budgets. Now anyone with an internet connection can collect, mine, and analyze data, build custom tools, and even predict the future.

If data is a massive wave, think of Eisengard as your personal surfboard to master that wave.


Our product

Eisengard is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that puts the power of data insights into your hands with an interface that’s as easy to use as spreadsheets and slide presentation builders. With a few clicks, you can create your own tools to make better and more informed decisions, whether for yourself, your team, or your business.


Our team

We’re Harvard- and MIT-trained scientists and business school faculty who built Eisengard for ourselves when consulting for Fortune 500 companies. It dawned on us that these tools can — and should — be used by anyone who wants to make better data-driven decisions. And that’s everyone.

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