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It's time to democratize data science.

Just as computing was once the exclusive domain of a select few before the advent of the personal computer, data today is a black box to most people.


While everyone has come to recognize that data is powerful, today only an elite group of academics, engineers, and wealthy corporations have the knowledge and the means to tap into the richness of data insights.


Eisengard puts this power into the hands of anyone and everyone. We believe that everybody has information that can be unlocked to make smarter decisions for your personal life or for your professional goals, if only you had the right key. So we created a software platform that’s as simple and intuitive to use as the applications that you’re already using everyday.


But don’t let our looks deceive you. Under the hood, we’ve built a high-octane engine equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that are ready to rev up whenever you are. That’s how Eisengard gives you data superpowers.

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