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Accelerating Efficiency and Performance in the Last Mile of AI Implementation

Trusted by the fastest growing companies to Fortune 500 organizations

The Last Mile Problem

Last Mile solutions are highly contextualized and tailored to the needs of the end user to deliver the most relevant insights with confidence and speed. Confidence in and adoption of your AI is only as good as the relevance and trust end users have with your data and platform.


Eisengard AI augments enterprise data pipelines with the most relevant end user level data and feeds this through best in class customized business frameworks that allows for faster and reliable processing of your data and AI solution. 

The Last Mile Tools

Sales Opportunity Finder

Identify incremental sources of sales revenues in real time 

Business Conversation

Marketing Investment Optimizer

Efficiently allocate your resources to maximize sales impact and ROI

Stand Up Meeting

Chat With
Your Own AI

Natural Language interface to access your data, fine-tuned for reliability and relevance

Fast Interactive

Machine learning enabled by strong interoperability between your data, data spine, and generative AI interface

Best In Class 
Predictive Models

Highest confidence levels based on the latest and best practices guided by best in class business and data science experts

Advanced Data Visualization

A suite of customizable apps and visualization tools to create and share your data and insights quickly and easily. Full integration with the most commonly used applications and plug-ins

Reliability Based On

Data Excellence

Ensuring data quality and interoperability to deliver highly reliable insights that can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere, on any platform

Ease of Use & Scalability

User friendly, no-code and intuitive interface enabled by two AI engines that work together to deliver and scale the most reliable and relevant data outcomes quickly and at scale.

Secure Integration

Leading edge Security protocols designed to keep your data secure, private and under your ownership

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